The rights of property owners

No property owner has a "right" to have wind turbines on their land


The only place to meet anymore is on virtual conference as the entire USA falls into the black hole of faucist rule as government wages war on things that are invisible.....

It's like in this photo, you cannot see the beach house because it is invisible. You see right through it.

The Invisible Beach House极品斗地主So in reading about one such "public meeting" that took place through the internet instead of in person, the claim in the meeting by one public official in regards to placing wind turbines in an area where most residents don't want such a spoiling of the look and feel of the entire area was this,

This kind of statement is made constantly. It ignores the fact that no one has a right to place any industrial project anywhere. They only have rights to petition for such.

The statement seems to me an indicator of a public official that would tend to side with such development that would harm an entire area and those who live there。

Looking through these claims made by public officials and other leaders that make claims about viruses we are starting to see through it all.

copyright 2020 Kenneth Wegorowski

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